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The Mystery of Zero may never reach Zero!

This is second version of article Journey beyond Zero or Read Part 1!

We often disregard the importance of small and despised things. This article will demonstrate the importance of Zero to every sciences of this universe.

About 57% of people on this earth pronounce Zero as Nougth (knot) or O!

Before getting started let’s get to the history after the invention of zero. The symbol for zero was developed by ancient Indian astronomer – Brahmagupta.  This symbol was recognized as a number of its own, as both an idea and a symbol. He also developed mathematical operations using zero. The rules governing the mathematical operations on zero were first time appeared in Brahmgupta's book Brahmgupta Sidhanta (The opening of universe). 
Zero laid a new foundation in development of human civilization. With these many new things were discovered which were very effective and accurate. New methods of addition, subtraction were also founded. 

Spiritual meaning of Zero: As India is always known for it's spiritual science. So zero was invented in the terms of spiritual meaning. Spiritually zero deals with pure potentiality. Its is the point from where all the numbers spring forth. Also as zero resembles round shape, so this can symbol of eternity, evolution. Also you may notice that zero is beginning of everything. and this beginning is endless. 

Mystery of Zero is deeper than universe!

Zero in physics: The value of zero plays important role in physical science. In physics zero point is taken as reference point for many calculations. Zero has become a standard quantity in sciences. For example: we take freezing point of water as 0°C or a conductor may behave as a superconductor (negligible resistance) at 0 kelvin,
so we see zero as reference point of everything. 

Resistance Offered by a conductor at 0 kelvin is 0 ohm!

Zero in Chemistry: In chemistry we encounter with a term called Absolute Zero. So absolute Zero is a lowest possible temperature were nothing could be colder and no heat remains in the substance (particles are at minimum vibrational motion). So zero is present everywhere. It has become the fundamentals of everything we encounter.
Can you count Number of neutrons in Hydrogen Atom without 0!

"Imagine if there was no zero, Then how would U count number of neutrons in hydrogen atom" 

Zero in mathematics: Zero takes middle position on number line, dividing negative and positive numbers. With the invention of Zero many new principles of multiplication and division jumped in. Decimal system was also invented after the zero came into the world. The mathematical concepts that we study now days are indirectly based upon zero [The mystery]. 
Zero acquires center position on number line!

Zero in biology: We usually do not study numbers in biology. But what if i say that biological science is based upon numbers. You may not believe, but I think that every biological cycles in this universe are based upon Zeroes concept (or vice-versa).
Imagine if there was no zero, human would not be able to find biological secrets. And we would not have so developed society today.

Whether it is Bio-cycle or Bi-cycle! - comes from zero!

   " Every universe-cycle is a big zero"
                                              "what comes around, goes around" -paraZz

Zero Bang Theory:  You may not have heard this word before, because i just created it. Yeah this is based upon Stephen Hawking's Big bang theory, Stephen Hawking says that this world was created with a Big Bang but vice versa may be also true, because I say that this universe was created from Zero and it went to infinity.

What' the shape of universe!

      "Universe opened his maths book, 
                                          and starts counting from 0 to  " -paraZz

The Digital Zero revolution:  In this era of information, we can't live without our gadgets, computers, smartphones. But what's the Driving concept behind all these, it's the binary code that computers understand (it consists of 0 and 1). not only binary is based upon 0 but electronics also follows the same rule. In electronics 0 means no voltage and 1 means high voltage.
Now days I see that programming has become the basic skill after calculation that everyone must possess, so in programming languages( java, php, perl which i am familiar with) zero array indexing is used, which means that data is indexed from 0. On further study you may also find that this method has its own advantage.
Ultimately we come to a point, that the symbol zero which has in itself nothing but everything in this world possess Zero.

This can be called the future Zero!

"Why No one wears a jersey of Zero Number?"

Next time wear 0 Number Jersey before Playing Football!

"You would not be Reading this article, if there was no zero[0] in this world"


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  1. Nicely explained. I liked the quotes and zero bang theory.

    1. Thanx for the feedback!!
      So What are ur Views !!?

    2. In schools we study zero just as a number. I think teachers and students need to become more creative and explore beyond another level. After all creativity gives you wings.


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