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In the present world, we cannot believe anything without science. To believe we need reasons and conceptions. Same is the case of god. Some says god is unreal and some says that god is merely an imagination.

This manuscript will show you the meaning of god from scientific angle and make you realize what actually a God is, away from the religious context!

The Evolution!

We studied about human evolution but have you ever wondered how god evolved over time. Yes, I am talking about the evolution of god. As human beings started developing, their thoughts also progressed and they started to get better understanding on things. In history we see that ancient Greek, Egypt they treated the physical things like thunder, wind, sun as their gods and god took the place of many things (from symbolic to spiritual). So what we observe that, the idea of god is evolving as the time is moving.

The idea of God always changed over time!

As the ideas of human mind have evolved, the Gods have also evolved. But the question arises that...............
Are these ideas all true?  
We see that man's ideas about God are constantly changing and expanding. But what is god?Is it only the manifestation of human mind? Yes god that we know is only the unreal manifestation. Because our ideas have evolved over time, so the gods too have evolved but the real god is immovable, unchangeable, pure and always perfect and in the same way the idea we form of god is a mere manifestation, our own creation.

Through this i do not mean that there is no god, but  behind all these things I believe that there is a real god who never changes, the ever pure, the immutable.

So as the manifestation is always changing, revealing the reality behind more and more.

Thus as we grow, so the god's grow !

From ordinary point of view, as we reveal ourselves or as we evolve, so the gods evolve themselves too. 

To be continued.................

- by ParaZz

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  1. I agree........
    Content was bit less......wanted to know more.....
    Anyways liked it....waiting for your next article

    1. Thanx for the feedback and showing interest, SECOND part coming soon.........

  2. First thing : There's HUGE difference b/w god and God.
    Second thing : According to you ->as we grow, so the god's grow !....
    I would like to point up you** that God is IMPERISHABLE...**[instead of going into DEPTH].

    1. First of all thanks for reading and sharing your views.
      In reply to 2nd point: I totally agree with your point.
      Also I already above stated "Through this i do not mean that there is no god, but behind all these things I believe that there is a real god who never changes, the ever pure, the immutable."

      The quote "As we grow,the god evolves" is from the perspective of human intelligence, not about any universal law.

    2. Sorry,BUT your reply constrained me to encore that ->(god != God).

    3. In what sense? Belief or grammar.
      Grammar allows me to use both the cases and it doesn't really matter unless one is too religious minded about the "God" or "god" thing. 👽

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. Again sorry,but you still didn't get my point...

    6. Okay, No problem. Too difficult to understand for my sceptic mind. 😊👍


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