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Yes! FreeBasic is Dead in India. TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) dumped facebook's free basics in India. What led to it and to whom it is big loss. This write-up will discuss about all that.

Freebasic has been on controversial stand from its date of launch. The debate over this issue was going on from a long time (more than a year). Freebasic was launched in India on February 10, 2015 as

With the launch of InternetDotOrg it got entrapped in the sqaubble of net-neutrality, terming it as against the internet freedom. Number of campaigns were put in action both by digital revolutionaries in against as well as favour of freebasic and with no doubt, it's big win for the digital revoutionaries who opposed it. 

My inquest is that who is on the downside, whose gonna suffer this concept death? Definitely it's facebook but is it only facebook? 

"Think upon it and if you cannot think let me make you think."

The's Concept

To understand the whole scenario, it's essential to know about the fb's concept. 
According to the facebook, mission is to connect the people in remotest of remote areas with internet (basic essential information) and give them the power of internet.

That is only the mission. What is controversial? Is not it good to provide the power of internet to internet deprived section? So from where the controversy started, who started and why? Let's analyse it and extract optimism.

The Net Neutrality Quarell (Airtel 0 to facebook). 

When Airtel in 2015 announced it's zero rating plan, a huge protest was carried out claiming it against internet freedom. Later on was also brought under scanner in a fear that it may violate net neutrality.

Who protested and why?

During the period of protest many campaigns came into existence in against to freebasic. Side by side people were enjyong the freebasic on reliance network too. 
I also got my hands on the service and it was very efficient, helpful. The facebook just provided the basic information, news etc. things that are very essential to live a better lifestyle and the service was absoultely free. It was also the platrform for people having ideas but no resources.

But according to protesters it was against net neutrality. Providing access to the internet deprived people, connecting the whole country was against net neutrality according to them. 
Major protestor strength included tech experts, students, academicians. But how can be all they wrong if freebasic was right. 
I think in actual the whole controversy was not for saving the internet but saving the own interest. The protestors just thought about their work and scrutnizing it as it was getting affected by freebasic instead of thinking about the people who all are not connected to the world because if they might have thought of them then freebasic must be alive.

Who should mourn?

Facebook:The freebasic service was being used by over 8 lac people in India. And free basic was huge potential for them. But I think this service will not effect them, and they will continue their mission to connect the world with more innovative ideas.

India:I ndia lost the thing that was very important in empowering the people of India. I think it was the platform that could have given wings to the dreams of resources deprived people. 

The Internet Saviours:
Those who protested against it without giving alternate solution to the problem should also know that they are not only the internet operators in india. Just think about the people who don't have access to the internet, about the people who have ideas, dreams but no resources. Was that not a humble start in giving their dreams wings.

And if these so called "the saviours of intenet" think that freebasic was not on the mark, then why don't they thought for an alternate solution instead.

Wrap Up
In conclusion i would say that there is a great need to increase the access of resouces to the derprived people. And moreover protesting without giving any alternate solution is vain, instead if you think something is not right, then make it right (don't kill). JAIHIND

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