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Today I was thinking about a very popular thing: Jantar Mantar, not in context to the real jantar mantar but related to something new to which we can relate in today’s era. But before discussing about a thing I always try to analyse its history. So let us grab a quick recap of Jantar Mantar.

We popularly recognize jantar mantar as place of doing dharna, historical piece located in delhi, but jantar mantar has great history (scientific and astronomical) attached to it.

There are 5 Jantar Mantar Monuments in India located in New Delhi, Jaipur, Varanasi, Mathura, Ujjain. Largest one is in Jaipur.  The jantars have names like Samrat Yantra, Jai Prakash, Ram Yantra and Niyati Chakra, each of which are used to for various astronomical calculations. These astronomical observatories were built Sawai Jai Singh II in around 1724.
Time Indication of sundial
But why these observatories were built? As History is all about interpretation, so according to me there is only reason to build these and that is Curiosity. It is curiosity of human mind which led to creation of these tools to measure the universal acts.

Anyways what’s the present scenario? The Jantar Mantar’s have become a place of doing protests.
We hear periodic news of protest being conducted there. But no, Jantar Mantar are not just peice of ancient site or place of doing protest. Jantar Mantar is more than this. Jantar mantar is an idea which is helping humans to evolve. The idea which fills future with advancements.

Did not get what i am talking about?

I am talking about the technology we are using and the more advanced tech which we'll be using tomorrow. 

Lets me explain. The present tech is mainly based upon two main things: 
1. Hardware  2.Software.
Now consider, Jantar as hardware part(Equipment, Tools etc. ) and Mantar as the power behind the hardware i.e the logic, software, science which gives power to the Jantar. So it becomes Jantar and Mantar. This word has nothing relative to my interest but it's an idea in which we live in. 
It is really interesting to thing this human evolution with an idea of Jantar And Mantar (The indefinite future).

"Jantar Mantar Rocks"


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  1. The definition you give for jantar mantar is really out of the box. Very deep thought.


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