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I was sitting and thinking in leisure. So I decided to write a new genre of philosophy – called Techno-philosophy.

Earth future is going to be magical………“Magical”!!!!!

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Magic is the thing that we see or experience without knowing the basic concepts and steps behind the operation of that thing. Like we see many magicians (say Dynamo) doing impossible things, what’s the secret behind? They just hide the basic steps of their performance, so that is why it seems to us like magic.

What are Magical things?
As the title say “magical tech”….so what are these magical technologies. These magical things are your smart-phones, laptops,
TV’s, smart watches. For you these things might not be magical, as you all are aware of basic concepts behind their working. But if we bring a person from past (say form 15th century) by time travel (may be possible in coming future) and show him a video on smart-phones, so to him watching visuals on piece of glass may be magical because he is not aware about its working concepts. This is why I have called these gadgets magical.

                                         Aren't these magical things!

Ancient technology
Starting from the past, if we look into the ancient times, we see many magical phenomenon, like- telepathy, levitation , body transformation, etc. To some of you, these all might seem as myths. But according to me, these were the 'Self Tech'. Self Technology means technology developed and built into own mind and body. To all of us these things might be magical as we are not aware of basic concepts. But these were the technology available at that time. As we look into the history, we notice, that in ancient times many almost every tech were built by meditating on mind and body (like levitation, astral-travel, or telepathy).

Our Magical World.
Now talking about present gadget technology, everyone is aware of latest technologies of internet, smart phones etc.

But the invention that changed the world  was computer with user interface (Built by Steve Jobs and it team apple).
Apple brought the computers from labs to houses . Now it became very easy for a person with no skill to operate computer.
   Apple Inc. was first company who brought the concept of mouse, keyboard and user interface.

Internet – With invention of internet, the world became small, with this now people from all over the world can interact among others easily. The flow of information was improved at great extent. 

Invention of internet brought digital revolution!

The third invention that changed the behavior of human interaction , was facebook. With fb social communication between peoples were improved to huge extent. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerburg vision of making world more open and connected seems to be coming true through this social network and that allows to search for information and provide basic necessary services for free)

Facebook was first to bring human interaction with society online.

The Future Magic:
 I would not be writing much future tech. But I will be showing you some glimpses of them.: 

                                                  INTERNET OF BRAINS!
In coming future we would connect to the internet not only through our gadgets but also through our brain!

                                   Microsoft HoloLens!
Launch of this tech will convert our virtual world into real. And the dream of Sci-fi tech will also come into real! 

                                    facebook Telepathy! 
In coming future the facebook thing woluld be possible through telepathy kind of tech.
Just think how magical it would be to communicate with others through our brains.

                                    Artificial Intelligence! 
This field of research is working in improvement of machine interaction with the           world.It's just like giving 5 human senses (or more) to the machine.

These were just the glimpses.There are many invention that are going to change world, and this will continue until infinite is reached!

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