Posted by : Paras Sharma Friday, 3 July 2015

You may have heard of upcoming future cars equipped with hybrid technology that will run on electricity and may be thinking that they will help the environment a lot by decreasing the pollution rate, then you are wrong. Actually these cars are going to make air dirtier and will worsen the global warming in countries like “India”.

                                                                                      Source- Wikipedia

The key reason behind this the source of electricity. In India the 59% of the electricity comes from coal and burning of coal can produce 5x more pollution than diesel car. Also on burning of coal produces oxides of sulphur, nitrogen, carcinogen materials, whereas diesel (or gasoline) also produces pollution but the extent of emission is very less than coal.

So electric cars are not safe for environment of India until we get clean electricity. Sources of clean electricity includes renewable energy, nuclear power, hydroelectricity, solar energy. So till now the thought of environment friendly electric cars in India goes in vain and next time time if you see electricity being wasted, just remember about pollution being caused.


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