Posted by : Paras Sharma Monday, 8 June 2015

Recently CBSE grade 12 result was announced. And the result was excellent. This time CBSE again gave the toppers scoring almost full marks. But this happens every year.
Every year 100’s of toppers grew up but then also in India there were not much noble laureate in the field of science, innovation, arts, in past 20 years.
Comparing the numbers of noble laureates with other countries, in past ten 20 years Canada had 8, China had 5, France had 12, Germany was 13, where as India had only 3, Japan had 14, U.K had 24 and U.S.A topping the list with 127 noble prize winners in past 20 years.
So why in India there are only 3 noble winners by producing 100’s of toppers every year. Moreover European countries performed better than India respective of their population and area. Where is a flaw? Is there a flaw in Indian education system or in the Indian brains. The thing only responsible is our education system.
Also from colonial times, few things have changed. The education system set up by the English people to get control over the country is still into practice. In India we give preference to only to those students who score 90% above, ignoring the students having innovative, artistic and cutting edge minds which due to some reasons are not able to score high. This ultimately effects the growth of the country.
What has to be changed?
Firstly our education system is based upon information but student has to be given knowledge because knowledge can generate information but information can’t. Information has to memorized and memorizing is no learning. The integration of technology into education can also improve the quality of what is being to taught as now we have internet and smart phones, computers etc. to make the tasks easier.
Secondly, by giving everyone equal opportunities in the field of education by making reservation system irrelevant.
Lastly, By changing the purpose of the education. Our education system is still based upon the colonial education system. Everyone wants to study to improve his status and economic conditions. Also our country has large numbers of institutes and graduates but still this has not turned into many innovations. So the purpose the new education system should be to create artists, innovators, scientists, thinkers, world leaders, innovators, writers, entrepreneurs to establish the new era of knowledge based system.

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