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First of all I hope that I don't get arrested due to this article as a result of sedition. We talk about racism with Indians in U.S., Australia and many other countries. But first of all we need to look upon what we are doing in our country.

I believe racism is in our culture. Let me take an instance. The college in which I am pursuing my degree has students from different states. We Punjabis are treating students from other states especially U.P. and Bihar very badly. We call them Bihari rather than their names. I know I was also involved in it only to have regret it later. Recently racism with Tanzanian girl in Bengaluru has hit the news.

Cause of racism:

India is a country where Mr. Shahrukh Khan is telling to make a fairness cream as your humsafar.
Not just him there are many more actors and cricketers.

First of lets see from where all these things get started. As I have said earlier racism is in our culture. I have seen small children playing in park being involved in this. Parents teach racism to their children. Kids grab what they see without knowing what is right and what's wrong and as they grow it becomes difficult to change them. We can say a desire arises to exploit other people.

If we talk about India, reservation leads to racism. As we are having SC/ST/Backward quota, so people see them accordingly.


Well some of us may think educating people will resolve the issue but as said earlier racism is prevalent in educational institutes. Don't get me wrong, we do need education. But education alone will not save the purpose. We know it is immoral but how many of us think it before being racist. We have to broaden up our thinking because that is where it is stuck. We need to come out of our ill mentality. 

Speak up whenever you see someone involved in racism. Just ask him/her where is the need of racism. What is the benefit which he/she getting from being racist?

Secondly what I think is reservation need to be regularized. Rather than castes reservation should be on the basis of income. I will cover this topic in my coming article.

At the end I would like to say that racism will not give you food to eat or shelter to live, the only thing which it will give you in return is racism. India has a large diversity of religions. People change here from region to region in terms of thinking, beliefs, practices, color and many other aspects. It becomes our moral duty to respect all of them, after all they all are humans.


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