Posted by : Paras Sharma Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Physics, Spiritualism and Hoax Freedom

We talk about freedom but do we actually know it’s true meaning. Nowadays no one believes anything without scientific facts. So let’s use physics to actually know what freedom means in science in spite of its constitutional definition.

While thinking about freedom, the first fact that my mind captures is the “motion of free particle”: which means or relate to free particle motion which is not under any influence of external force or factor. 

In accordance to the above fact, it can be concluded that there can be no freedom to us. In the materialistic world freedom just remains a hoax, mere a thing of misinterpretation. Just a have a quick think. How can human thoughts, emotions, action, body be free? As they all are being influenced by external factors.

·        Our thoughts are influenced by other people thoughts, motivation, inspiration etc.
·        Our action is full of purpose, expression is bounded by societies external factor and then also we say we are free.

Where is thing which makes us free? Is there anything?

Let's be optimistic, let's attain freedom. So what is real freedom? Real freedom is truth which emerges from the inner soul. Attain freedom of action by performing action without a purpose. Freedom of speech is about speaking words of truth. Freedom of life is to achieve one goal with action done with full dedication and that goal is true realization. 

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