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Terrorists and Rebellions- these two words describe your views about a particular group operating in some area. If you are liking the activities of the group, that group will be rebellion group for you working against the authorities for the cause which you think is right but if you are against the activities of that group, then you will term that  group as a terrorist group.
The biggest example of this differentiation is given by America for the same group operating in the Afghanistan during 90s and as a fraction now-The Taliban.
 After the disintegration of the Soviet Union the newly emerged Central Asian countries witnessed the resurgence of Islam based extremist groups especially in the Fergana Valley. The emergence of radical Islam was of great concern for the Central Asian countries as for almost seven decades of Soviet rule such forces never posed this kind of political challenge. The break-up of the Soviet Union resulting in disappearance of socialist ideology created ideological vacuum, which in the absence of any other viable mass ideology had the chances of being filled by religious orientations.
Soon Central Asian countries had whole lot of Islamic missionaries from Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and other parts of the globe. The short-sighted and hard-line policies of regimes in Central Asia, in the absence of effective democratic channels, helped Islamic forces to grow. By 1996 the indigenous Islamic elements got linked up with Afghanistan based Islamic forces. Initially the assertion of Islamic forces was not taken alarmingly by the outside world because Tajik civil war (1992-96), in addition to Islamic groups, was also waged by secular and nationalist elements. Even the US perception of Tajik civil war was that it was power struggle among regional clans; that it was maneuvered by Russia for justifying its military presence in Central Asia; that the Islamic forces of Afghanistan were not keen in penetrating Central Asia and that Taliban was indigenous outfit not having any regional agenda. (Tackling Terrorist Turmoil: 9/11and its aftermath-World Focus-  Dr. Kuldip Singh)
At that time these radical Islamic groups were like rebellions working against the Soviet Union, as it was in favor of USA. America didn’t bother about the evil effects of these groups. Even the Uyghurs were supported by China against Soviet Union.
Similarly, NATO, whose leader is America didn’t like the dictator of Libya. During the period of Arab Springs, people of Libya revolted against Gadaffi. NATO helps the people to throw away the rule of Gadaffi–killed. After the death of Gadaffi, USA did nothing to ensure a democratic setup in the country. An ideological vacuum was created and there were high chances that this vacuum may also get filled by the Islamic radicals that were not much active during Gadaffi. Four years after Muammar Gaddafi was killed, the high hopes of Libya’s activists have crumbled as ISIS fills the vacuum left by scrapping militias.
Similarly, America used NATO against Syria, and in the civil war- ISIS emerges in the Syria also. American  war on Iraq also resulted in the spread of ISIS in Iraq.
It can be seen that in all the cases where there was the birth of radical Islamic organizations, America had done something in that area.
Now the devil nature of USA– a real twist happened following 9/11 incidents when the US declared war on terrorism unilaterally telling the world that Osama-bin-Laden is accused of engineering bombing of US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998 he was now declared to be the main culprit for 11 September 2001attacks on the US. The group once used by the USA against Soviet Union now was declared terrorist groups. . At this point of time the US was so determined to defeat the forces of terrorism that it did not strictly adhere to the established UN principle of making a case for the war to be waged and therefore, did not deem it necessary to put credible evidence for the justification of the war before the world. And the world due to US hegemony extends full support to USA against this illegal war (according to rules of UNSC). India which was the supporter of the democratic form of Security Council and that has always advocated the idea that no international war be declared without full facts and proofs also extends full support to USA.
And now the creator of ISIS, is engaged in the war to destroy it in Syria and Iraq.
Due to unilateral world system, American hegemony is seen to large extent. If America is so concerned with the peace of world, then why there is full support to Saudi Arabia by the USA- which is supporter of radical Islamic  organizations in the world. Just because America wants to sell its weapons!

American theory is- First provide full weapon support and then if they are threat to “only America” then destroy them using NATO.

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