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Discovering Paranormal !

Paranormal events are phenomena described in popular culturefolklore and other non-scientific bodies of knowledge, whose existence within these contexts is described to lie beyond normal experience or scientific explanation.

In this science Era, these things stand ridiculed!
A paranormal phenomenon is different from hypothetical concepts such as dark matter and dark energy. Unlike paranormal phenomena, these hypothetical concepts are based on empirical observations and experimental data gained through the scientific method.
It is said that there is an explanation for these happenings  as our paranormal experts have made the thermal meters and the energy detectors which conveys the change in the atmosphere of the haunted place and the souls swaying through that area. This states that now even our scientists are believing in this area which was considered the misconceptions of the medieval times. In our India itself  there are many places where we could find these happenings. Among them are 11 places where you could explore the laws of nature explaining themselves. They are as follows:

Bhangarh fort ,Alwar [Rajasthan]

Church of three kings [Goa]

Dumas beach [Gujarat]

Shaniwarwada fort [Pune]

Grand paradise towers, Malabar hills [Mumbai]

Tunnel 33,shimla [Himachal Pradesh

South park street cemetery [Kolkata]

Agrasen ki baoli [Delhi]

Ramoji film city [Hyderabad]

National library [Kolkata]

Down hill, Kurseong [West bengal]

Explanation of these events in terms of 
Science and Mythology:

Evil soul or we say shraapit aatma is a common thing, but we should even keep in mind that even the good spirits are also in existence which stay in our society and help the civilians or make them their mates and share their lifetime experiences with them, because they don’t intend to harm anyone..but the thing is why these souls don’t get the revelation [moksha] from our world..the answer lies within the words of wisdom given by our Vedas and Scriptures...spirits are the internal aura of a nonexistent body and it can only be relieved if during death, an individual is free of anger, rage, sorrow, happiness and most importantly the worldly attachments.. If they occur a natural death before their original time, a suicidal act, an accident or the young death ,then also it is a chance to a spirit vengeance. Basically it’s a stuck memory which was embodied  in human form while it was suppose to get free from the world.

Yoga - the Science above all!

 According to our Vedas, our soul is situated right at the trinetra (third eye)  place in between forehead and is as minute as a 10th crore part of an atom and when goes in space can generate the energy equivalent to 100 sun....such an enormous energy could generate  electricity for the entire globe without any high expenditure for hundreds of centuries..JUST IMAGINE!!!!But we should keep in mind that these spirits are not the playful stuff to handle..Even the tantric or the black magic practitioners defies these spirits powers...They are of whereas forms and each religion has its own ghosts with different names and features..vampires and werewolves in Christianity, jinn and jinaads in Islam 
and chleda [body changers] etc in Hinduism. THEY ARE NOT TO BE HARMED IN THE PLACES INHABITED BY THEM. People who had faceoff with these things are telling about their experiences  and are bewaring others about a particular haunted place..People must believe that these things are in real.

Mystery continues!

They aren’t just a misconceptions. It is said that "JIS TAN LAGE WOH TAN JANE" so better not stand these chances and wherever they encounter these happenings, that time only their inner meditation power and the alms of almighty could save them. They could tackle the thousands if they stay calm and don’t interrupt their dooms land..and use the power of spiritualism where positive could cancel the negative. This is a law of nature and an intelligent being with knowledge of both science and conscience cant defy it at any cost.


[I would love to hear the readers opinion about it and believe me, your opinion could have even a verge of ending if after reading this you still don’t believe the paranormal activities]

                                                                                        ---by Deveshverm

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