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We often talk about motivational things, whether it's motivational speeches, articles, visuals etc. These all are very great and helpful things for all of us. But these things do not do anything in reality as the conception of motivation that resides in our minds is fruitless. We can classify this type of motivation into short term motivation. This type is not going to yield any positive outcome.

So which type of motivation is practical? What things are going to yield better results? Before getting started let us know what motivation actually means?
Meaning of motivation: Motivation is an energy induced by many factors in people to make commit to make an effort to achieve goals.

Factors! Yes these are the things that make up motivation strong or weak. Factors are the main inductors of motivation. Factors may include intensity of desires, rewards, type of goals etc. But the force induced by these factors fades away with the time.
Achieving Big: Achieving something big is itself a main motivation but to achieve it we too need a big motivation. The motivation which is strong, long term, extreme, acute, intense, efficient is only going to change the way the things happen.

So our primary motive must be to achieve strong and intense motivation. Have look at the following factors that will help you to gain the above in a lot:

1.    The Will Power: Factor above all is “Will Power”. For example you get motivation of waking early in the morning and for that you set up alarm, here the motivation is induced but the goal to wake up early in the morning will not be achieved unless we have will power to get up early morning.

2.    Passion about the Goal: If we would be passionate about the goal then only the real motivation will rise in our conscious mind. And we will be able to give our best in everything.

3.    Don’t limit your life: Don’t limit your way of living. Don’t follow the crowd in a race of living better life but be in race of making better lives for other.

4.    Do something important: Always have a thought in your brain about doing something important not for you only but for the society too.

5.    Think Different: To get original motivation you need to be original.

6.    Take Risks: Don’t worry about the outcomes of the performance, just give your best in everything. This is the best motivation of karma.

"Therefore, without being attached to the fruits of activities, one should act
as a matter of duty, for by working without attachment one attains the
  -- Shrimad Bhagwat Gita

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